February Updates

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And now! Onto the newsletter!

This past month turned out to be an exciting month for both words and music! Check it out!

Words Updates

I decided, rather last minute, to apply for Author Mentor Match. The name says it all—unagented authors get paired up with mentors and work towards improving a finished manuscript. 

I’ve never had a finished manuscript to submit in previous years, so I almost forgot that it was even happening. It was only after someone asked me if I’d be applying that I remembered about it. And for once, I actually did have a finished manuscript I could apply with! Everything fell into place really nicely.

Now begins the waiting game of seeing if I get picked for the program. But even if I don’t, it was fun to participate in the games leading up to the application week, and it also kicked me back into thinking about this book, and thinking about editing it some more.

I’ve begun to work a little on writing something new. For the first time in years, I’m trying my hand at short stories. The last time I really wrote one was back in high school, and I’ve been so out of practice doing it, I’ve always assumed I just couldn’t anymore. But, like anything, it’s a skill that requires practice, and it’s nice to try something new. So far, it’s sitting at around 2,500 words, but I still would like to tinker around with it a bit more before it’s finished.

Thanks to Facebook memories, I also came across the fact that it’s been a year since I announced We Go Together’s future publication to the world! I had actually signed the contract on “Christmas Eve Eve” of that year, but due to it being the Christmas season, I decided to wait on announcing the good news! What a year it’s been! If you haven’t read We Go Together just yet, now is the perfect time! The beachy vibes should warm you right up!

Music Updates

I’ve been working on editing my short film music this month. I was surprised at how polished some of the tracks already sounded—it’s been a while since I’ve listened to them. Mostly, I’ve been adjusting levels and other controls I’d previously left automated. It’s been fun to revisit these pieces, and I’m looking forward to sharing them soon.

February 5th is Bandcamp Friday. For those unaware, every Bandcamp Friday, revenue shares are waived, and artists receive 100% of the proceeds of purchases to their music. If you haven’t purchased “Kat’s Song” (featured in We Go Together), then would be the perfect time!

What I’ve Been Listening To

This past fall, I was engulfed in the Kpop craze, particularly with BTS. I listened to them so much, they actually came out as my top artist on my Spotify account, despite having only listened to them regularly for a few months. Through listening to BTS, I’ve discovered a good number of other Kpop groups, and one I enjoyed especially this month was Twice.

Twice is a Korean girl group with sugary, upbeat pop goodness—which is exactly what I need in the coldest months of the winter! I really like “Fancy” and “Feel Special,” among others in their catalogue!

What I’ve Been Reading

Reading has been a struggle for me during the pandemic, but this month I’ve enjoyed making progress on Courtney Milan’s The Duke Who Didn’t. It’s a fun historical romance with lots of humour and a heroine I loved from the first page! I enjoy reading it while waiting for my laundry.

I hope everyone is having a pleasant winter so far, and that your February is full of goodness. While times continue to be wild and unprecedented, I hope you all remain in good health and good spirits. Talk to you soon! – XO Abigail

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