Editing a Novel in the Middle of a Pandemic

It’s been a while since you all got an update from me. What have I been doing?

In the grand scheme of things—not much. The lockdown is still in place in Toronto, though recently things have begun to open up again. Life is still full of face masks and hunkering down at home.

Two things that I have done out of the ordinary were editing my second novel, and taking an online course.

First, the course. When the lockdown first began, I was full of hope. My workplace went remote, so I had extra hours in the day I’d normally spend going to and from work. I could get so much done!! I decided to take a class while I was at it. I was meaning to take it anyway, so why not do it during the lockdown period?

That was not a good idea.

While I’m very grateful for what I learned in the course, and I think it’ll be infinitely useful, I don’t think taking it during a pandemic was the best idea. My attention span towards the last half of the course was abysmal, and I made so many small errors on assignments that I’m pretty sure I would’ve noticed in regular circumstances. Not to mention technical difficulties would often interrupt lectures. It was overall not the best way to receive the information.

I won’t beat myself up for it, though. This period has been tough for everyone, and the longer we stay in this uncertainty, the more worn down we’re all feeling.

As for editing the novel, that wasn’t a mistake. I’m really proud of the work I did on We Go Together, and I think it reflects in the finished text wonderfully. I think it helped that I had already gone through edits once before, and with the same editor. The process, while sometimes mind-numbing and frustrating, was not overly painful. I had a better idea of what to watch out for, and how to accomplish the tasks under the deadline.

Now, We Go Together will be published in ten days. I’m so happy with the work everyone put on it, from myself to all the editors to the cover artist. It’s a really special book to me, and I’m so happy the wait is almost over.

Pre-Order We Go Together here!

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